Tax Planning Specialists in Portland, OR

Proper tax planning, preparation and compliance activities are crucial to running a healthy business and maximizing your wealth. However, your business may be wasting too much time annually on the complexities of the state and federal taxing landscape and making sure to meet all of the requirements and obligations. Even after this time spent, you still may have many errors, such as insufficient records, too low of payments, or too high of a tax burden.

Tax planning should be one of the most significant aspects that affects most business facets. Before any business decisions are made, you need to be informed of how it will affect your upcoming taxes and all of your opportunities that can minimize this tax burden. Only an experienced tax consultant will be able to catch all of these assets.

By having trustworthy navigation of complex and ever-changing tax laws and by looking into your current tax strategies, the potential for higher bottom line savings increases significantly, depending on your organization type and structure.

To gain all of these advantages and more, it is imperative to work with knowledgeable, responsive, and vigilant professionals.

Tax Planning Services

At Fordham & Co LLP, our tax specialists will work closely with you throughout the year to create innovative and customized solutions for your business.

In addition to these great services, our tax planning team will also:

  • Detect opportunities that could limit your tax liability
  • Create new strategies that could provide you with significant unrealized advantages.
  • Analyze tax issues that arise and offer solutions
  • Represent you in front of federal and state taxing authorities
  • Help you respond to Internal Revenue Service notices
  • Offer consultation on maintaining proper compliance at all times
  • Project tax payments and their impact on cash flow
  • Prepare your tax forms and any supporting documentation
  • Provide cutting-edge technology that enhances your accuracy in complying with all federal and state taxing authorities.

Contact the Tax Planning Professionals at Fordham & Co

Our taxation advisors are certified public accountants (CPAs) in Portland, OR, who help our clients understand complex tax issues that affect their business. We make sure companies comply with IRS regulations, while concurrently taking advantage of all relevant tax benefits.

Our proactive planning will help reduce future tax liabilities, and we’ll take care of any tax challenges you may face so that you can focus on your core competencies and day-to-day business.

We will work diligently to keep abreast of tax legislations and inform you of how it will impact your business. Finally, what we offer is long-term and high-quality tax planning that is proven to make a difference in both your net worth and in your future success!

Contact us today to get started on better tax planning strategies and accounting services that are customized for your business!