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Planning for retirement? We can help!

Beyond their paycheck, your employees look to you to provide a comprehensive package of benefits for themselves and their families. In fact, offering a competitive benefit packages often means the difference between retaining valued workers and seeing them go elsewhere.

Our employee benefit professionals can make certain that your retirement plans meet your needs – and the needs of your employees. We provide qualified benefit plan accounting, assurance and tax services to all types of businesses – from small, start-up companies to long-established firms.

We can reduce the hassles of retirement plan administration, help you offer attractive options to your employees, and search out the best value for your dollar. We start by reviewing your overall needs and then working to devise a benefit plan that will meet your benefit objectives and complement your compensation philosophy.

Fordham & Co LLP is unique among employee benefit consultants because of our ability to integrate your benefit considerations with specific business and tax-planning objectives as well as accounting and financial needs. We provide objective and independent advice to offer you maximum flexibility in designing a plan to meet the precise needs of you and your employees.

We design, implement and administer all types of qualified retirement plans, including:

  • 401(k)
  • Profit Sharing
  • Money Purchase
  • Defined Benefit Pension
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)
  • Target Benefit

We also work with you on:

  • Advanced Pension Design
  • Proposal Preparation
  • Plan and Trust Document Consulting
  • Trust Accounting and Plan Financial Statements
  • Valuation/allocation Reports and Participant Certificates
  • Benefit Distribution Calculations
  • IRS Return/Report Preparation
  • Compliance and Nondiscrimination Testing
  • Asset Management
  • Investment Advisory
  • Retirement Planning

As regulations become more complex and competition for skilled staff members increases, benefits standards continue to shift. In today’s dynamic investment and regulatory environment, it is essential to engage skilled advisor to help you design, implement, manage and monitor your employee benefit plan.

Our goal is to help you realize the value of your benefit plans and ensure they properly fulfill your fiduciary obligations, in accordance with compliance requirements. As independent, objective advisors, we offer you experience and value, as well as solid reputation for excellence.


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