June 2015

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  • Make Efficiency a Healthy Habit

    Sometimes it can seem like regular habits can become rigid and boring. However, regular habits can help you become more efficient because you are creating a regular daily flow – which involves work, self-care, downtime, and even daydreaming. Maximize the time you have by creating habits that are a part of a regular routine. To […]

  • Turn Employees into FANS!

    All companies want not only the best people to work for them, but also people who are truly fans of the company and its product or services. So, how can companies get their employees to be some of their biggest fans? Believe in your company’s mission. If you’re not demonstrating and reinforcing your company’s mission, […]

  • Take Advantage of Summer’s Arrival!

    With summer tapping us on the shoulder just after Memorial Day, it’s time to take advantage of the increase in business that warmer temperatures can bring. This year holds a particular advantage over last year, as national gas prices are nearly a dollar cheaper than they were just a year ago. This means that consumers […]