5 Ways to Build a More Cohesive Team

A cohesive team of employees that work well together means that your team is productive and efficient. By developing and working through team-building activities, your team can work together to develop trust and establish stronger bonds, promoting collaboration and communication.

Our team of experienced CPAs put together the following list of the top five ways you can proactively build a more cohesive team to hopefully help you build a stronger team for your business.

1. Organize a Company Picnic to Bring Teammates Closer Together

The weather is getting nicer every day, so plan a casual barbecue or picnic event at a local park. Consider catering the event so no one has to volunteer to cook or clean up. Also, make it a family-friendly event, allowing employees to bring their significant others and children or pets. Plan activities for the kids so the adults can engage with each other on a personal level.

2. Get Out of the Office to Boost Office Morale

Host a field trip once or twice a year to get out of the office and into a neutral location. Research fun ideas that will allow your employees to interact as friends, rather than co-workers, such as a trip to a local museum, sports event or other local attraction.

3. Volunteer Together as a Team to Develop Trust & Establish Strong Bonds

Give back to your community while building a more cohesive team dynamic! Coordinate with a local non-profit organization to have your group take part in a volunteer effort. You could even offer to match employee donations to the organization as an added incentive for participation.

4. Start a “Lunch and Learn” Series to Promote Collaboration & Productivity

Giving employees the opportunity to speak their minds during “lunch and learn” or “brown bag” events is also a great way for everyone to learn more about each other. As an added incentive, as your team practices giving presentations in a low-pressure environment, they’ll become more comfortable at public speaking.

5. Utilize Tools to Improve Interpersonal Communication

There are several excellent professional tools available, such as the DISC personality profile, that can help your team not only learn about each other’s unique personalities & working styles but how each person handles conflict and how each personality type can communicate with one another more effectively.

Making team-building exercises a habit will bring your team closer together, while building a bond between team members that will serve well for inter-office collaboration and productivity.

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