August 2017

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  • Bitcoin, Blockchain Splits And What It Means For Business

    Blockchain technology is beginning to appear in every industry. At first glance, blockchain is a database that has a lot of potential in finance and business. With the recent and sudden growth of Bitcoin, blockchain technology could become even bigger. In an article from Forbes, author Bernard Marr writes, “Recent developments in the bitcoin economy […]

  • Creating Content That Hooks Your Prospects

    Getting someone’s attention is hard, and having him or her stay on your page is even harder. While there is a lot of competition out there in terms of search engine optimization, getting someone to revisit your page is the real issue. In an article from Entrepreneur, author Victor Ijidola writes, “The real ‘seizing of […]

  • How to Network, for Those Who Hate to Network

    Growing your network is one of the most important skills anyone can have in the business world. But how are you supposed to network when you hate networking? Surprisingly, it is easier than you think! In an article from Entrepreneur author Jonathan Jarvis writes, “I’ve personally learned that networking is not so bad after all, […]

  • Doing These 5 Things Daily Will Make You More Productive

    Business leaders all live busy and sometimes stressful lives. This article from Inc. offers advice for five things you can do daily to help you and your business be more productive. Author Jordan Scheltgen writes, “To become more productive you need to embrace action as your fuel. Whether you’re a leader within a company or […]