July 2017

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  • A Benefit for Employees That Matters Even More Than Their Salary

    A new study found that many employees believe that paid time off should be included in their benefits package. Although benefits packages differ from business to business, it may satisfy your employees to know that some PTO is available. In an article from Inc. author Brenda Barbosa writes, “According to a survey by TSheets, 88 […]

  • 11 Things Every CEO Must Know About Disruption

    In the business world today your business can either be known as a disruptor or the disrupted. Success in any industry relies on a CEO’s ability to see changes in the market and react accordingly. When CEO’s fail to react, and therefore become disrupted, businesses trend downward. In an article from Inc. author Gordon Tredgold […]

  • 5 Ways Going Paperless Will Help Your Business

    The era of using paper processes is coming to an end. Businesses are switching to technological advances that allow them to ditch paper. But not every business is opting to get rid of paper processes. Why is that? In an article from Small Biz Daily author Nick Candito writes, “In many companies the paper trail […]

  • 4 Ways to Resolve Creative Differences in the Workplace

    Creative differences in the workplace can lead to messy situations. While some differences have easy resolutions, there can be times when both parties cannot find common ground, leading to a strained and tense workplace. How can both employers and employees resolve these differences? In an article from Entrepreneur, author Will Meier writes, “Creative differences don’t […]