June 2017

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  • Social Media, the IRS, and Tax Audits

    Did you know that the IRS uses your social media use as part of their audit determinations? Be careful when you post about how much money you saved during tax season! In an article from Inc., author Steve Mendelsohn writes, “With the IRS suffering a tax collection gap of roughly $300 billion per year, the […]

  • Owners Should Utilize The Work Opportunity Tax Credit

    Did you know that employers claim about $1 Billion in tax credits each year under the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program (WOTC)? The WOTC was formed to encourage employers to hire those looking for work who are apart of target groups such as veterans. In an article from TaxConnections, author Ken May writes “WOTC is […]

  • Techniques to Help Your Employees Tackle Problems

    In every business, those who can tackle problems rather than complain about them are bound to succeed. Problem solvers, not whiners, always end up winning in business. In an article from Entrepreneur, Jill Schiefelbein writes, “In the workplace, constant complaints have negative consequences that reach into multiple areas of productivity, camaraderie, leadership and culture”. But […]

  • Tips as Generation Z Enters the Workforce

    As graduation season comes to an end, there is a renewed sense of motivation from those who are beginning their careers. These graduates are not from the Millennial generation, but rather are their own new generation who bring independence, competition, and motivation from the fear of missing out to the workplace. Ken Tysiac article in […]