May 2017

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  • Necessary Information for Any Marketing Strategy

    Marketing strategy, like all aspects of business, is an important part in running a successful company. While starting a new marketing strategy can be fun, they cannot be successful without hard work and dedication. In an article from Entrepreneur, Samuel Edwards writes, “Successful marketing campaigns don’t just appear out of thin air. A lot of […]

  • Habits of Smart Communicators

    Communication has gradually become more digital and less personal, prompting us to slowly lose our personal communication skills. With the digital age being full of texts, emails, phone calls, and social media, we find ourselves struggling to personally engage with others. In an article from, Marcel Schwantes advocates for a transition to more traditional […]

  • Strategies for Pursuing Continued Education

    Owning a business is a time-consuming pursuit; many entrepreneurs credit their success to education but struggle to find the time to continue learning while also managing their business. In a recent article for Entrepreneur, Scott Langdon offers some tips for business owners who want to pursue further education. Let someone else handle some of your […]

  • Gmail Phishing Scam Affects up to One Million Users

    A sophisticated and rapidly-spreading attack hit the accounts of Gmail users earlier this week, affecting as many as 1 million people, according to a statement issued by Google late Wednesday evening. “We have taken action to protect users against an email spam campaign impersonating Google Docs, which affected fewer than 0.1 percent of Gmail users,” […]

  • The Urgent Need for Increased Productivity in Retail Stores

    “We are on the edge of a precipice,” writes Walter Loeb, for Forbes. As the popularity of ecommerce increases, the security of the US retail industry becomes ever weaker. As an ever-increasing amount of sales take place online, the productivity of retail stores, as measured by sales per square foot, has been dropping. Add to […]