April 2017

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  • Employee Retention and Your Business

    Business owners and managers know that keeping the best employees isn’t easy. In an article for Entrepreneur, Matthew Wride, COO of DecisionWise, provides a series of questions for leaders to use in order to evaluate their employee policies and management practices so that talented employees stay, rather than look for work elsewhere. In addition to […]

  • Empowering Your Employees

    When you own a business, you’re accountable for its success. However, if you have a strong, entrepreneurial team supporting you, you can be confident in relying upon them to make daily decisions without your direct input. In an Inc.com article, “A Culture of Entrepreneurship: Why You Must Build It in Your Business,” Sonia Thompson discusses […]

  • What the Classroom Didn’t Teach You about Entrepreneurship

    Don’t let the title of this article fool you! While Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are famous examples of business leaders who left school to become successful, they are extreme exceptions to the rule. You’re still better off finishing things in the classroom, explains Larry Kim in an article on Medium, “7 Important Things about […]