February 2017

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  • Would You Consider a Co-CEO?

    Are you someone who prefers being in charge, and is comfortable handling all the responsibilities of being CEO, or are you someone who could benefit from sharing the load with another capable leader? Author Gwen Moran explores this topic in her article, “Are Co-CEOs A Great Idea Or A Total Disaster?” It turns out, having […]

  • Business Leader’s Recipe for Success

    As a business leader, there are so many aspects that need your attention. So where do you focus your energy? In a new article from Inc. magazine, entrepreneur Martin Zwilling gives tips for becoming an effective and successful business leader. “Move from leading tasks to managing relationships,” Zwilling advises. “Some leaders are so focused on […]

  • Tax Refunds: Myths vs. Facts

    Would you know a tax myth from a tax fact? As tax season approaches, there are many myths swirling around about the IRS, tax returns, tax deduction, and anything tax-related. How do you know what to believe? Your CPA is always your best resource for any of these questions, but here are a few myths […]

  • Tax Tips for the Multi-generational Home

    The multi-generational home is making a comeback. It’s not just Millennials who are moving back with their Generation X parents. In addition, Generation Xers are welcoming their Baby Boomer parents into the household. There can be many benefits to this living arrangement. The recent uptick began when the recession hit, but families are now choosing […]