January 2017

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  • How Entrepreneurs are Growing Their Businesses in 2017

    What are entrepreneurs doing to grow their businesses in the coming year? That’s the question from a new survey of small business owners. Things like the political changes, technology, interest rates, and the employment market are impacting business owners and they are planning the upcoming year accordingly. In her new article from Small Biz Daily, […]

  • Are You Ready to Partner Up?

    Are you considering partnering with another business owner to grow your company? A short video from Entrepreneur features successful business owners with their best advice for anyone considering a partnership. Here are some of the highlights: “One, I must like them and trust the person. Two, they have to bring something to the table that […]

  • Stay Alert: Tax Season Fraud

    Last year, fraud rose to unprecedented levels. IRS estimates indicate a 400% increase in phishing and malware incidents during the 2016 tax season. Criminals are finding more and more ways to sidestep the safeguards put in place. The IRS has compiled some resources for consumers heading into tax season. Here are the some fraud attacks […]

  • How to Keep Your 2017 Resolutions

    Happy 2017! Hopefully, this year will be filled with good health and prosperity, both for you and your business. Have you made any resolutions? It’s common to head into the new year with ambitious goals, however, it’s estimated that only 8% of those who make resolutions actually keep them. In a new Fast Company article, […]