August 2016

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  • Technology is Giving Business Owners Back Their Time

    As a business owner, you have numerous demands on your time. The 40-hour workweek doesn’t exist for you. Even if there’s not a crisis, there is a constant stream of issues requiring your attention. Time is money, and no one knows that better than you. A recent study found that small business owners valued their […]

  • IRS Examining Businesses

    According to the IRS, 83% of U.S. taxpayers accurately report their income and pay their taxes. That figure isn’t so bad when you compare it with Germany at 68%, Italy at 62%, or Greece at a startling 50%. Nonetheless, the IRS audits around 0.8% of tax returns each year. If you receive notice that you’re […]

  • Do You Need a Logo Refresh?

    If you think about the most iconic brands, their logos are instantly recognizable. Some marketing experts say a logo is the most important visual representation of your business. Your logo is the face of your brand. What do you want your logo to convey about your business? Marketing is about fresh and new. You don’t […]

  • Tax Issues for Retirement

    Whether you’re still building your business or you’re firmly established and looking ahead to the next phase, it’s a good idea to be informed about retirement so you can best prepare. Social Security benefits Social Security benefits can begin between the ages of 62 and 67, depending on several factors. Benefits may be available to […]