July 2016

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  • Delegate, Don’t Micromanage

    As business owners, there are numerous tasks demanding your time and attention. Hopefully you’ve got a great team to help you manage the workload. However, it can be hard for business owners to let go and share the responsibility with anyone else. When you first established your business, chances are, you did everything yourself. Your […]

  • Fraud Files: Older Consumers at Higher Risk

    Fraud has been a hot topic this year, between fake IRS scams and retailer data breaches. However, one segment of the population may be especially at risk. Millions of seniors are being taken advantage of financially – in the form of inappropriate investment, unreasonably high fees for financial services, or other forms of fraud. It’s […]

  • Staying in Compliance with Overtime Pay Regulations

    As you know, the Department of Labor announced new regulations in May regarding overtime pay for full time employees. Tammy McCutchen, the DOL’s former Wage and Hour Division administrator, spoke recently at a conference to address employers’ issues with implementation of the final rule. She had some advice for employers trying to comply with these […]

  • Do You Have an Exit Strategy?

    Have you thought about planning for the day you sell your company? Maybe you’re still growing your business, or you’re still heavily involved in the day-to-day operations, and you haven’t thought about leaving anytime soon. Even if it hasn’t crossed your mind, it’s not too early to get a plan in place for that transition. […]

  • Benefits and Perks that Matter

    Industry experts have determined that benefits are growing in importance to job searchers. A new study suggests that 57% of prospective employees rate perks and benefits as major considerations when accepting or declining a job offer. Workplace trends have gotten lots of media attention, with more employers feeling the need to get creative with perks […]