May 2016

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  • Are There Flaws in Your Business Plan?

    Entrepreneurs are driven and passionate about what they do. Starting a new business requires an intense degree of energy and commitment. Business owners can be so eager to build their new companies that they rush through their business plans. This can lead to vague, nonspecific descriptions. Did you get feedback from someone outside your organization […]

  • Breaking News From the U.S. Department of Labor

    The Department of Labor has just announced a Final Rule on overtime pay, which means 4.2 million more workers must be paid for overtime work. This Final Rule defines which white collar workers are protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act’s minimum wage and overtime laws. Employers must comply with these new regulations by December […]

  • Are You Looking for a Lost Pension?

    It’s estimated that Americans have $8 billion in unclaimed pension benefits each year. How is that figure so high? As it turns out, getting your hands on an old pension can be a frustrating process. Most businesses opt to offer the 401(k) as a retirement option, rather than the traditional pension plan. However, many baby […]