November 2015

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  • Tax Tips for Retirees

    When you turn 65, the way you file taxes changes. Consequently, it may not be a bad idea to brush up tax policy to see how you can benefit from tax issues brought on from Social Security and IRA withdraws. Here are some tax filing basics that are increasingly important the closer you get to […]

  • Budget Deal Could Cost Couples Big Money in Social Security Benefits

    There is a budget deal moving quickly through Congress that would put an end to a monetarily successful strategy for couples known as “file-and-suspend”. This strategy is a loop-hole of sorts that can boost lifetime Social Security retirement benefits by hundreds of thousands of dollars. The tactic is executed when the higher-earning spouse files for […]

  • A Guide to DOL Proposed Overtime Rule Changes

    By now, you have probably heard some piece of information surrounding the Department of Labor’s (DOL) proposed overtime rule changes. While the DOL’s comment period ended on September 4, several sources seem to indicate a high likelihood that a final rule could be issued either late this year, or very early in 2016. To help […]