March 2015

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  • Successfully Grow Your Business

    Chaotic and unencumbered business growth has the potential to lead many organizations, both large and small, into a ‘crash and burn’ reality that, without organized structure, can inhibit sustainable growth. Consider the following three essentials for successful business growth: Developing an Organization Chart Keeping an accurate and up-to-date Organization Chart is essential for businesses to […]

  • Reward Employees – Without Spending a Dime

    Making your employees feel appreciated doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are ways to reward your team that don’t cost any money. Regular recognition and praise given to employees has been shown to increase productivity, engagement among coworkers, loyalty and career satisfaction. Here are 20 ways to reward your employees, all without cost: […]

  • LinkedIn Networking – The Dos and Don’ts

    Social recruiting is on the rise, and your online profile says a lot about you and your professional image. Using an inappropriate profile picture or to many “!!!” can be a turn-off to anyone visiting your profile. The list below outlines some of the deal breakers and major faux pas on LinkedIn: Don’t collect acquaintances: […]

  • Boost Workplace Collaboration

    Collaboration in the workplace is an often discussed topic in any office environment, and for good reason. To increase productivity, resource sharing and keep your customers happy, collaboration is key. But where should you start? Here are three easy ways to boost collaboration in your workplace: Communicate and Reinforce Expectations Create and follow through with […]