February 2015

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  • Marketing to Seniors

    Do you know which demographic controls 85% of the country’s wealth, and are now the fastest growing user group of social media? Surprisingly enough, it’s seniors. The over 50 population in the U.S. reached 108 million last year, and in the next 20 years more than 75 million more Americans will turn 60. Despite their […]

  • Bogus IRS Calls and Emails

    Topping the IRS list of “Dirty Dozen” tax scams this year are fraudulent calls from phone scammers posing as IRS agents. With the tax season in full swing, phone scams have been surging, with the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), which oversees the IRS, reporting 290,000 scam calls since October 2013 and nearly […]

  • Anthem’s Major Data Breach – What to do next

    In a recent major security breach, hackers gained unauthorized access to Anthem Health’s IT system. Hackers obtained personal data such as names, addresses, Social Security numbers, birthdays, email and employment information on up to 80 million current and former customers and Anthem employees. Anthem says that attackers didn’t get any medical records, however, they did […]

  • Radically Improve Your Business with These 10 Mindsets

    What makes some businesspeople successful, and others not? It has everything to do with having the right frame of mind. Below are the top 5 mindsets: Choose courage over fear You have to have courage to be successful, and to become courageous, be courageous. Much of being successful is about venturing into the unknown. Whether you fail […]