January 2015

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  • Attract Millennial Employees via Strong Corporate Values

    What types of organizations do Millennials want to work for?  Those that are focused on their people and purpose, not just what they’re selling and how much money is being made. This data comes from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited’s (Deloitte Global) fourth annual Millennial Survey.  The research revealed that 75 percent of millennials think businesses […]

  • Avoiding Business Risks Can Cost You

    Avoiding risk means passing on opportunity and that can be costly. Often, we rationalize that avoiding risk is a “no cost” option and something that is perfectly acceptable. The reality is that risk avoidance is the greatest impediment to progress, personally and professionally. Opportunity, like time, is perishable. Miss an opportunity to move your business […]

  • How to Make Your Customers Love You

    There is great power in simplicity.  Reaching out to your customers on a personal level and going right to the heart of what’s most important to them, in a straightforward way, goes a long way toward loyalty. Doing this can help them: Feel appreciated Save time Listen to them Help them relax Guide them to […]

  • Create Structure for Your Remote Workforce

    One important area for business owners to evaluate in the New Year is employee productivity. A simple way to improve it is by creating structure for your workforce, especially for those who work remotely. Here’s how to create a framework for a productive team: Establish fixed working hours and stick to them. While allowing every employee […]