September 2014

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  • Keep the Recruiting Ball Rolling

    Recruiting: it takes time, energy and focus. It may feel like it’s unproductive for the company since it takes a while for the fruits of your labor – the new hire’s training, acclimation and productivity – to appear. Be careful not to assume that the recruiting process stops when the candidate accepts your offer. Technically, […]

  • Managing Your Employees’ Social Media Use On and Off the Clock

    With the pervasiveness of social media, it’s likely that many of your employees are connected to a variety of social media outlets during work and personal time. This leaves business managers with concerns regarding how they should manage their employees’ usage of social media at work, what potential issues could arise from their actions, and […]

  • Business Success in Just 5 Easy Steps!

    Personal touches, like sending a follow up thank you note or a small gift via snail mail after a purchase, go a long way toward customer loyalty. Whether you’re at the head of a large corporation or a small, but sharp neighborhood operation, try these ideas on for size to increase customer loyalty and put […]

  • Online Customer Reviews Gaining Momentum

    With the popularity of online reviews, most shoppers these days peruse what other shoppers have to say before committing to a purchase. The way consumers make decisions has dramatically changed over the last decade. While standing in a store, we can now compare prices and access buyer feedback using our Smartphones. With reviews already such an […]

  • The IoT’s influence on Brand-Consumer Relationships

    As the Internet of Things (IoT) grows and more items are added to the circle of connectivity, the relationship between consumers who use the objects and the brands that manufacture them will invariably change. For businesses looking to stay relevant in the era of IoT, learning to manage and leverage the new dynamic in brand-consumer […]